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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

J. L. Cain provides an exemplary education in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning.


Our vision is to develop innovative, respectful, and well-rounded scholars who work towards achieving their full potential as college and career ready graduates. We will work towards this by providing a stimulating learning experience in an engaging environment. We will include all stakeholders in this vision to ensure that the education provided is mutually beneficial for developing our scholars.

Belief Statements

We believe:

All employees must be dedicated to the success of each child.

All decisions must be made in the best interest of students

All students can learn more than they presently are learning and at a higher level.




  • Recognizing and appreciating the value of others


  • Accepting responsibility for your own actions


  • The quality of being honest and always striving to do the right thing


  • Believing in the decisions of others while maintaining confidentiality


  • Working together (all stakeholders) for a common goal

SCReady Testing Date:

May 1 - SCReady Day 1 (3rd-5th Grades)
May 2 - SCReady Day 2 (3rd-5th Grades)
May 3 - SCReady Day 3 (3rd-5th Grades)
May 4 - SCPass Science (4th Grade)