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DCSD Summer Reading 2019

Logging in to AR

Students usernames are first name (dot) last name
and passwords are set as their lunch numbers.

Username: John.Smith
Password: 1234

Suggested Reads

Check out Cain's recommended reads for summer!

Darlington Public Library Website

MackinVIA eBooks

Access 50+ eBooks with MackinVIA.
    School: jlc
    Username: jlc          
    Password: books


Cain Elementary School’s library program aims to equip students with 21st century skills, while cultivating a love of reading, inquisitive learning, and information literacy and digital literacy skills, producing life-long learners. Cain’s library program also seeks to equip all faculty with the necessary resources and skills to integrate technology, research, and inquiry into their classrooms. 

Students learn about the many different types of literature, parts of a book, types of books, how to use the library, all while integrating technology as well. 

Programs and Services

Cain Elementary’s media center holds over 8,000 fiction, nonfiction, and professional titles. Media Center annually sponsors the Book Fair, Muffins for Mom, Donuts for Dad, the Accelerated Reader Program, and the Computers for Education fundraiser.

We offer training on:
  • Apple products
  • Apps and various technologies upon request

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