Second Grade Supply List
Cain Elementary
Second Grade Supply List 

1—Book bag (No book bag with wheels)

3—Wide-rule marble composition notebooks (1subject)

3—Vinyl folders with 3 prongs

24 count-- #2 pencils

1—Pack of crayons (24 pack)

1—Ruler with centimeters and inches

1—Pack of wide-rule loose-leaf notebook paper

1—Pack Expo dry erase markers

1—Pair of scissors

3—Glue sticks

1—Package of cap erasers

2—Disinfecting wipes (Ex: Lysol or Clorox)

1—Bottles of hand sanitizer

3—Boxes of Tissue

1—Zippered pencil pouch

1—Box of gallon sized Ziploc bags

1—Box of quart sized Ziploc bags

1—Pair of headphones or earbuds

1—Pack of white Xerox copy paper